Welcome to Stepping Stone

Founded in 1976, Stepping Stone is a non-profit alcohol and drug recovery agency that offers a variety of treatment and recovery programs incorporating evidence-based best practices.

As an organization dedicated to helping individuals who want to be treated for their alcohol and other drug problems with their co-occurring disorders, Stepping Stone believes in:

  • Celebrating the diversity of the communities in which we live by being inclusive and accepting
  • Providing a safe and healing environment that encourages health of the mind, body and spirit
  • Meeting the needs of those in recovery so they may celebrate courageous, balanced living
  • Being trustworthy to and with our clients and other stakeholders
  • Providing professional, effective services that are cutting-edge, integrated and progressive
  • Being supportive and compassionate.

With a caring and safe environment and holistic treatment, every individual has the ability to live a balanced life free of addiction.

Mission Statement:

"To create, improve and deliver alcohol and other drug treatment, HIV and other health interventions, recovery, education and prevention services specializing in the challenges of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities of the San Diego region."

Stepping Stone
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